Danube Private University

A democratic society thrives on its elite performers and they develop best in the competition of its educational institutions. Private universities top the university rankings in the USA in all categories, be it teaching, research or the career success of their graduates.

The Danube Private University (DPU), as a privately-funded institution, has taken up the challenge of emulating its role models in the United States and secured a top position in the ranking of European universities with its study offer of Dentistry Degree Programme (Dr. med. dent.), postgraduate Master of Science specializations in dentistry and Bachelors (B.A.) and Masters (M.A.) degree programmes in Medical Journalism and Public Relations.
The DPU’s efforts focus on providing its students with state-of-the-art academic training in the field of their choice and allowing them to “experience” their studies.
During the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’s mandatory re-accreditation process for universities in the summer of 2014, the academic reviewers praised the Danube Private University’s Dentistry Degree Programme (Dr. med. dent.) – which currently counts over 500 enrolled students, most of whom are the children of dentists and doctors from all over Europe, but also Arabia and even Australia – for the “orientation of the degree to the principles of comprehensive, problem-oriented and evidence-based dentistry”. The DPU has a broad potential of academic staff that includes 21 professors and 19 senior and resident dentists. It represents the state of the art in dental technology with 48 preparatory units, 48 Phantom treatment units for clinical introduction and 52 dental treatment units in the DPU’s own over 8,000 m² dental clinic in Krems.
In addition, the DPU also considers it its duty to provide practicing dentists with an extensive offer of postgraduate programmes, allowing them to specialize in their preferred field of dentistry and graduate with an academic degree as a Master of Science (M.Sc.). The Danube Private University (DPU) has accredited postgraduate, career-integrated Masters degree programmes in the various different fields of dentistry, which are recognized all over the world and conducted with the greatest success in cooperation with PUSH GmbH (Postgraduate University Studies for Medical Professions).